Tips On Storing And Transporting Dangerous Chemicals

chemical storage

If you are handling something related to hazardous chemicals, you have to handle the goods with extreme care all the times. You need to follow some standard procedures as per the local laws as well as international rules and regulations regarding the handling of dangerous chemicals. Otherwise, it may lead to serious health related issues in human beings. You can buy safety cabinets and safety equipment to store hazardous chemicals from Sepmar Storage Cabinets. It is the responsibility of the employer and employee to store and transport hazardous chemicals with extreme care as specified in about product handling instructions.

Storing of dangerous chemicals is more important. Otherwise, it may lead to fire accidents, air pollution, leakage of poisonous gasses, inhaling of dangerous gasses which are most dangerous to human life as well as our environment. You have to thoroughly read the label descriptions of the chemicals regarding the storage methods.

You have to check on the following factors before storing any dangerous chemicals.
· Find out the quantity of the chemical to be stored.
· Find out how long the chemicals have to be stored.
· Check out for the level of toxicity and stability of the chemical substance.
· Replace food containers and use only original containers after checking the containers.
· Check and replace the labels if in damaged condition.

Once you are done checking all the above points, you have to store the dangerous chemicals in the following manner. Ensure to follow the national standard rules for storing and handling of dangerous chemicals in your workplace.
· Finalize the location and install the storage cabinets, racks or tanks as per the storage requirements of the specific chemical.
· Ensure to separate and store chemicals which are different in nature to avoid reactivation between them.
· Avoid keeping any ignition sources near flammable substances
· Ensure to keep warning sign boards in all the storage places.
· Install proper cleaning techniques to clean in case of any spill.
· Have proper emergency handling methods to tackle any situations.
· Store all important personal safety equipment to handle any emergencies.
· Keep all Fire extinguisher equipment in a place where it is readily available for everyone.

All the stored goods in a single location have to be moved to different locations as per the orders received. There are some standard rules designed to transport the dangerous goods from one place to another place. You have to strictly follow these rules to avoid any incidents while transporting these dangerous goods. Once the goods are ready to be transported, ensure to check on the following factors.

1. Make sure to transport each and every chemical separately to avoid any chemical reactive issues while moving.
2. Ensure to follow the segregation and separation rules while transporting dangerous chemicals.
3. Make sure that the chemicals do not move while transporting.
4. Make a record of all the chemicals which are on transport for future ready references.
5. Ensure to fix relevant sign boards on the vehicle while carrying dangerous chemicals.
6. Ensure that the vehicle and the driver have all approved papers on board.