New Active Ingredients Proven To Cure Hair Loss

hair-restorationThe causes of hair loss may vary, but the immediate effect resulted by hair loss is baldness in men or thinness of hair in women. Since the evolution of science, there has been a solution to any problem or scientist go after a solution that controls the effect of a particular challenge. Minoxidil was discovered to be a cure. A product with five percent of minoxidil will suppress hair loss and initiate growth of new hair.

The suggestion articles in demonstrate that dandruff, body heat, improper washing of hair, chemicals present in shampoos, hair sprays and other medical conditions like giving birth and thyroid are the underlying causes of hair loss. Though the practical nature of minoxidil is unknown, it acts as a vasodilator by enabling the free flow of blood through blood vessels. So minoxidil is combined with other chemical formulas as a hair loss solvable product. Minoxidil usage is two and five percent of other compounds.

The recommended use of minoxidil is to apply it on dry or damp hair directly to the scalp. You can style the hair or apply any hair gel to the hair upon usage of minoxidil. Application of Minoxidil is recommended on eyebrows with precaution. It is not always magic to get results when it comes to products. Continuous usage of minoxidil will give a tremendous effect on hair loss and growth of new hair. However, pregnant ladies should not use minoxidil.

Another hair loss reducing component that doctor exclusively prescribes for men is finasteride. However, usage of finasteride is not useful in case of women. There are many products on the market claiming to be an instant solution for hair loss. The main fact that is to be considered is the presence of minoxidil in the composition of the hair loss product.