Awesome Gifting Ideas For Men – DIY Options

gift for him

Women have always been on crossroads when it comes to buying gifts for men. Be it father, husband, brother, son or friends, getting an idea gift is an ordeal. Here are some exciting ideas that can come of use while buying a gift for boys. For ideas check

Decorative champagne bottles
It is always fun to create personalized gifts for your loved ones. Making a decorative champagne bottle is not just exciting but unique as well. Give a personalized touch with your creative skills. Materials needed include good quality champagne bottles, colored ribbons, decorative straws, glitters, spray glue and scissors. Use the glitters in the bottle and stick them using the glue. Then place them in a gift basket and present it to your loved one. It can be a great party memento.

Mosaic tray for modern men
Give that royal status to the man you love. Serve him the meal of a king on a decorated classy tray. These are handy and can be decorated in a glamorous style. Surprise your husband with breakfast in bed. The tray is personalized to give them a sense of pride. Things you need include a tray, white paint, blow touch, high gloss finish and broken china mosaics. When it comes to mosaic there are thousands of choices and the design is also great. The colors are numerous and can be designed to suit your living room.

Handy Barbecue toolkit design
The Barbecue toolkit is handy and is convenient. It is made of vintage metal and is apt for satisfying your palette anywhere. The steel is designed in bright red and can hold high temperatures. The box features a steel grill, ideal to cook sausages, burgers, and veggies simultaneously. The barbecue grill comes with a removable fuel tray facilitating loading of charcoal. It comes with adjustable controls and provision for oxygen circulation.

The product includes a foldable barbecue in a toolbox design. It is made of stainless steel and is conveniently styled with a base. It comes with a detachable fuel tray and adjustable port. The barbecue is suitable for outdoor dining.

Portable Indoor Putting Green
Is your husband or boyfriend interested in golf, this portable putting green can help them develop their skill. The putting green is weather resistant and can give you the feel of grass suitable for the rainy days. The product comes in 10 modular parts and can be transported easily. It can be the ideal replacement for grass. The thick foam gives a soft feel under your foot. It is highly portable and can be disassembled effortlessly. It comes with two flags and sticks. There are also 2 modulation cups.

Rack for Record Magazine
Does your boyfriend love music, well this could be the right gift. Buy this exclusive record magazine and surprise your loved one. It is a great magazine holder for records. Forget about magazines and try out some documents. All you need is vinyl records, glue, metal tongs, hot water, glass pyrex dish and latex gloves.

Follow these gifting options and be a winner.