Factors To Consider When Choosing Front Door

doorThe front door of your home is the entryway for anyone entering your home. It should extend a warm welcome, designed with well-built lockset and knocker. It must prevent intruders and weather into your home.

Doors are made up of different materials and each material has unique characteristics and suitable for particular room type. There are various sizes and styles of door available . You can visit the website ukoakdoors.co.uk and click the internal, external door tabs and you will definitely surprise to see the different types and styles of doors available on the market for sale.

Before deciding the timber type and materials for doors and furniture for your home, you must understand the different types of timbers and their properties. The website http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/design/resistantmaterials/materialsmaterialsrev1.shtml explains the timber types and characteristics of each timber material.

Wooden doors provide you warmth and high level of satisfaction. The manufacturers can craft the wooden doors into any shape and size and include any type of glazing options, panel configurations, molding profiles etc.

For the past several years, the top door manufacturers design their front doors using glued-up engineered-wood cores which prevent the tendency of wood to cup and twist. The excellent outer layer of the entry door is made up of thick veneer. You don’t think them as cheap. With regular care and maintenance, they can extend up to the lifetime of your home.

You should maintain using a fresh form of coating or polyurethane based products after some years. The maintenance cost is not very high since it is worth to incur because of the benefits the wooden doors offer.

Choosing wood doors in the roofed entry requires little maintenance. You can improve the effectiveness of the door by extending the roof not less than half of the door height. The width of the roof should be minimum 1.5 times the doors width.

You must also think whether the entry doors expose to the sun more often. The front doors exposed to the sun longer than four hours per day will easily diminish their look without regular care. You want to recoat the clear-coated doors once in a year and recoat the painted doors once in five to six years.

Apart from wood doors, you have other choices like fiberglass, steel, MDF etc. But each of these materials has pros and cons. For example, you don’t have various options to pick from when compared to the several design options available in wood doors. But fiberglass and steel need less care and maintenance than wood. Before ordering a wood door in an online store, you must measure the door 2-3 times to prevent yourself from installation issues or buying another door. You should measure the width, height of the door.

When thinking about a new door, you must also include few safety parameters in your selection process including the thickness of the door, hinges, lockset, glass etc. If you prefer any thicker doors than the standard thickness, then the door requires special and bigger locks and hinges. You must research about several door materials before selecting the new door.