Get More Out Of Your Juicer


The juicer is an important part of our everyday life. Healthy juices are one of the best options for people who are conscious about their health. Many juicers are available in the market for buying. For kids who do not like eating fruits, juices can be a great replacement. However, it is important to take good care of them so that they can work for a longer period of time.

Preventing Discoloration
Most of the gear juicers have a single gear and they are made of white which gets easily stained or discolored. This happens due to the fruits and vegetables that get blended in the juicer. The juicer contains a colored substance called melamine that causes the pigmentation. In order to stop this from happening to your juicer, always wash up your juicer immediately after use. Wash it with liquid soap and pat dry. If the staining is bad then soak it in a tub containing baking soda for about an hour and scrub the places where the stain is heavy.

Broken Gearing
Most of the broken gear cases happen because instead of using the food pusher that was provided along with the juicer, the user tried pushing the food using a spoon or any other item that is hard enough for the juicer. Do not do this when the juicer is in operating mode. Old juicers are not as hard as you think they are and the chance of breaking is very high. The newer version of juicers is more sturdy and they are also black in color to avoid any pigmentation issues. In case the food pusher is lost and you have to use a cutlery item on the juicer, switch off the motor and then employ it so that it does not damage the motor.

Straining Bowl
Always keep a straining basket or bowl to keep the juicer parts after washing so that they get dried up. It is a good idea to keep the juicer on the kitchen counter so that it is easy to use it for making juices every day. The collection bowls are designed in such a way that it fits into the juicer perfectly. So make sure that you fit the collection bowl properly before making the juice. Most of the times, the juice spills making a mess. To prevent this always check the collection bowl before starting the juicer.

Mix Up Hard And Soft Fruits
Sometimes using only soft fruits might not work. They get stuck as there is no fiber to push them through the juicer. One of the steps that can be followed to avoid this issue is that to use hard and soft fruits alternatively so that it is easier to use. Always choose fresh and crispy vegetables that can help juice making easy. When you finish up juicing, use a vegetable that strains easily. If you are straining vegetables like carrot or beetroot use a lemon along with them so that lemon will help cleaning up the stains easily. Also lemon helps in extracting more juice out of the vegetables or fruits.